Lunes, Oktubre 6, 2014

Faceshop Face it Maxx Gel Eye Liner Review

The eyes are the windows to your soul.

Hi lovelies,

I have never been a fan of eyeliners before until I got hooked to Kpop. Kpop idols have REALLY beautiful eyes and I can't emphasize it enough what and how a good eye liner can change and liven up your looks. Time and again, MUAs and super models like Tyra Banks have expressed the importance of eye make up. Remember that SMIZE ladies? Hihihih!

So here I am, browsing through different eye make up products and I saw this little thingy Faceshop Face it Maxx Gel Eye Liner.  As a shopper, a thrifty one, I checked the price tag first and oh, it's quite expensive and so I opted to check it out with my student in Korea and waited for the sale. Voila! I got it for almost the same price but it was on a buy 1 take 1 promo so lucky me! Heheheheh! I have never tried using gel eyeliners for the fear that I might not know how to do it properly but it was actually quite easy to use, easier than pen liners I must say.

Creamy and water-proof gel eyeliner that is not removed against water and oil. Built in brush to modify make-up whenever and wherever to go. No stimulation to eyes with smooth touch.

It is contained in a classy jar and it is very sturdy. Clumsy as I am, kept it falling over and over again, luckily it didn't break. :D

This baby here is highly pigmented. The picture on the right side is the gel eyeliner rubbed 3 times to check if it can withstand smudging and yes, it did. The picture on the left is me checking how will it last with water and smudging it, although it is not completely smudge-proof when wet but I think it still did a great job surviving being smudged,wet and smudged again. 

I usually use an eye makeup remover to remove it completely. It usually last long enough to survive a hot, humid day here in the Philippines. I also use an eye make-up base to make it last longer though.

*long lasting
*very pigmented
*easy application
*come with a cute brush
*sturdy container

*expensive when bought in an outlet
*the little brush can be easily broken

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  1. How many months have you owned this product? Doesn't it clump up after a couple of weeks? Been wanting to look for a gel liner that doesn't clumps up after a few weeks of usage.

    Mga Tugon
    1. I can't remember how long have I been using this but it's still good until now. You just have to clean the brush always. It's really good but these days I'm using the pencil gel liner version since I am always on the go now. :)

  2. very interesting, i rarely use eye gel liner but i remember having bought a maybelline before and it's good too but my hands are all shaking now and it's hard to use for me.

  3. I have no idea how this works. But it looks good on you. :-)

  4. A good gel liner makes all the difference. Such a small , effective understated Product. Great Review

  5. Yes great review indeed. I have been hooked on a bit of cat eyes look lately it just make my eyes really popped :D

  6. Fab review! I am totally useless when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner - my hands start to shake too much. You did a fab job! Sim @ x

  7. I was attracted to the foldable brush, because although I like gel liners, it's troublesome to bring the brush and tube separately out. But you said that it break easily?! Hmmm, so I might not use it then :(

  8. My wife does not use eye makeup too much because she has sensitive skin with allergies so she is afraid to try new unknown products.

  9. The gel eyeliner looks really durable. It's also nice that the packaging is also durable it doesn't break even if you drop it from clumsiness.

  10. Eye make up can really make or break a person's look. You did well and that Eye Liner looks awesome.

  11. Such a great product.. I seldom use eye liner but I really think that you drew your eye line perfectly done!

  12. My wife is using a make-up, but I have no idea what brand is it and how does it affect her skin, her face and anywhere she applies it. Though this kind of product enhances lady's beauty or beautify those who are not, my wife has her own favorite beauty product to sustain.

  13. This one looks quite lovely. My sister uses Wet N Wild's Gel Liner which is quite similar but works really well! You should try it when this one runs out! :)

  14. I like the design idea which I think makes it easy to apply on the eyelid. It did brighten your eyes by enhancing them a bit more.

  15. The eye liner looks good. It is just too bad that it is so expensive :(

  16. I love a gel eyliner, this looks like a good one. The maxfactor ones are good too x